Sean Nemetz

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Enjoying Middle Eastern festival with my boy.

Enjoying Middle Eastern festival with my boy.

Bonus Skills

  • Less than amateur baker
  • Sweet jump shot
  • Wannabe polyglot
  • Fridge reorganization
  • Can parallel park


Here’s a bit about myself

I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Cross-Disciplinary Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012. There, I built a foundation in conceptual thinking—while understanding the value of execution, ideation holds more value—which informs my work today.

After graduating, I served as a campus minister in Eau Claire, WI and Tallinn, Estonia. These experiences have helped form me into the leader, creative thinker, and inquisitive person I am today. I continued to do design work for the local churches I was a part of. Whether or not I’ve been a full-time designer, it’s something I love to do with whatever time I have.


Current Role

As a Visual Designer for The University of Minnesota I work in a collaborative environment providing solutions for a variety of both print and digital marketing materials. Deliverables range from brochures and mailers to illustrations, motion graphics and icon design for web pages.


I’m most passionate about Motion, Illustration and Branding. Although I’m relatively new to motion design, it’s something I’ve fallen in love with and am pursuing with great intensity. Currently, I’m enrolled in my second course through the incredible School of Motion. I am continually working on expanding the depth and breadth of my knowledge in the following areas: icon design, typography, layout, product design and UX.

Some things that I like and how they add value to my work, mostly



The best sport around these parts. Basketball allows for limitless creativity. Each generation has its own moves, from the skyhook to the step back three. You don’t have to be highly skilled to contribute to your team. If you outwork your opponent by diving for loose balls, taking a charge, boxing out and using fundamentals, you have a good chance. Individuals need to put in the work outside of the game in order to make the entire team stronger, while the better chemistry a team has developed will bring out the best in each member.


I’m willing to learn how to skyhook and I’d take a charge for my team.


Putting others’ interests above your own, looking to serve instead of being served, being willing and able to learn from anyone . These are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from him. Jesus took the time and thought to figure out not just what to say, but how to say it. I think that’s what great designers do as well.


I give you permission to hold me to a high standard and I value learning opportunities.

Hot wings

So maybe wings don’t really add value to my work as a designer. I’ll say this: I know the value of taking on a challenge and seeing it through—even if it burns and brings tears to the eyes.


Not afraid to endure momentary pain to earn a greater reward.



In many cities, the public library is an architectural centerpiece. While traveling, I always try to visit the main library and its usually photo-worthy. A habit I picked up in university was to spend time in the library. I regularly browse through stacks of books I’d never otherwise know about. It’s the real-life wikipedia. Recently I paged through some fashion encyclopedias describing formal wear from different eras in various countries. You never know how some piece of knowledge will affect your future work, or at the least, your dinner conversations.


I can find value in just about anything, including a client’s background and vision.

Children’s movies & books

Movies and books for younger audiences are better than ever. Think about Zootopia, Wreck-it Ralph, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! It takes great skill in the art of storytelling to capture the attention of younger audiences. Not only does the story have to be compelling, but the language has to be crafted to tell it most effectively.


Great design is great storytelling. Great stories are everywhere.


The finer things of life. A good cup of joe in the morning can set you on the path to victory for the day; and probably another at mid-morning; and after lunch too. That’s usually enough.


I can bring the best caffeinated beverage when needed