Sean Nemetz


Enjoying Middle Eastern festival with my boy.

Enjoying Middle Eastern festival with my boy.

Bonus Skills

  • Less than amateur baker
  • Sweet jump shot
  • Wannabe polyglot
  • Fridge reorganization
  • Can parallel park


Here’s a bit about myself

I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Cross-Disciplinary Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012. There, I built a foundation in conceptual thinking—while understanding the value of execution, ideation holds more value—which informs my work today.

After graduating, I served as a campus minister in Eau Claire, WI and Tallinn, Estonia. These experiences have helped form me into the leader, creative thinker, and inquisitive person I am today. I continued to do design work for the local churches I was a part of. Whether or not I’ve been a full-time designer, it’s something I love to do with whatever time I have.



I’m most passionate about motion, illustration and branding. Although I’m relatively new to motion design, it’s something I’ve fallen in love with and am pursuing with great intensity. Currently, I’m enrolled in my third bootcamp through the incredible School of Motion. I plan to best leverage my skills in these three areas to tell important stories to those who need to hear them. Whether you’re a big brand, small business, start up, I’d love to learn how we can share the stories that matter to you.