Sean Nemetz
Copy of Women in Construction

Women in Construction


The College of Continuing and Professional Studies equips women for careers in construction at above-average rates. To celebrate Women in Construction Week and to promote the incredible program, we made a push on social media, using motion graphics, photography and interviews from women in the industry.

Art Direction, Design, Animation


We knew right away that some form of video put out on social media would be an effective way to communicate the stories of women in construction. The team skimmed through interviews we had done as a starting point.


I read through our selected quotes and proposed that we get a recording of them so I could create a kinetic typography piece in sync with the reader’s voice. Unfortunately, we were unable to get this audio, so this became one of my creative challenges. With the audio, the audience is getting two doses of the content, they are hearing it as they are seeing it on screen. Without the audio, the movement needs to be more careful and allow the viewer time to read and process the information without being too stagnant, losing their attention.

I developed a color and typography palette that evoked construction without being the muddy-boots-on-the-desk, cat-calling, break-taking, sloppy-burger-eating stereotype one might have towards the industry.

Next, I created a series of style frames that were close to final product. One of the main goals in this project was to keep it very simple and clear as we wanted the focus to be on the quotes, so in this case near final frames were ok before approval and animation began.